Does your home breathe and spit fire?

Over the past months we have constantly talked about energy efficiency, it is what we are concerned with!  Actually we are talking about stopping heat loss in your home and that in turn will have your home using less energy.  Yes, there are other things that consume energy as well such as your refrigerator, hot water heater, laundry, and so on.  But, for today let’s talk about heating your home in the winter.  After all, this is Vermont!

What's it going to be ....., bulbs, CFL's, or LED's

First kitchens, then bathrooms, then floor coverings, and finally lighting; that’s where we have been for several days.  All these things transform your home into the palace where you live as compared to the hovel across the street.

When it comes to lighting in your palace there are so many options available. 

Household lighting

Last week we looked at kitchens, bathrooms, and floor coverings.  These three things are what can make an ordinary house into a spectacular home; they turn plain into exciting.  Things like colors, textures, materials, design, and a myriad of other things all add up to exciting; it is how you combine everything surrounding the kitchen, bathrooms, and floor coverings – that makes the difference.

What are you standing on?

Would you like your home to really stand out as an exciting home?  Well of course you would!  We suggest you start in the kitchen then go on to the bathrooms and then the floor coverings.  For the past couple days we’ve talked about kitchens and bathrooms; today let’s look at what you are standing on; who knows it just might be your "Magid Carpet"

There are all kinds of bathrooms!

Yesterday we talked about beautiful kitchens and how they contribute greatly to the overall “Curb-appeal” of a home; it is the wow-factor that we are talking about.

Right after the kitchen the bathroom is the room that contributes greatly to the whole picture of a beautiful home.

As you can see from today’s picture there are all kinds of bathrooms from fairly basic to truly lavish.  In today’s picture not much was invested in making the bathroom beautiful, it’s really difficult to imagine brushing your teeth in the morning at that sink.  Yuck!

Make yourself at home............., clean my kitchen

All the time we get asked, “….what makes some homes so much more beautiful than others?”  Or, what makes one house simply “Pop” and others …….., well, not so much.

There are basically three things that can change the most ordinary house into a beautiful home; first the kitchen, second the bathroom, and third the floor coverings.  In a close fourth is lighting.  So in the next few days we will look at these four things.

Danger can be in the basement!

First – Happy April Fools’ Day.  I hope you have had several laughs today.  Today is truly a silly day devoted to laughing and smiling.  Now on to some serious thoughts……………

Yesterday we talked about how the garage can house some truly nasty and noxious fumes, odors, and toxic smells.  Staying with that lovely thought let’s take a look as something that is in the majority of Vermont homes – propane.  Propane has several names, Propane Gas, LPG, LP, or just plain gas.  There are two types of gas, natural gas and propane gas.  Today let’s restrict our talk to Propane.

Danger lurks in the garage!

We live in Vermont and one of life’s great treasures is having a garage.  Having a garage allows you to avoid all sorts of tasks that are, shall we say, less than exciting.

Who among us enjoys scraping ice and snow off the car in the driveway?  Who among us likes the walk in the rain from the house to the car in the driveway?  Who among us is happy to see that somewhere in the night there was a brief rain shower that has now ruined yesterday’s trip to the car-wash?  The car-wash one doesn’t apply to those of you that live on dirt roads.

Investments in your home

It appears as though homeowners are continuing to see the bathrooms and kitchens as the essential areas for upgrades, particularly the kitchen.  As homes tend to get smaller owners are investing more in their kitchen as they see the kitchen as the heart of their home.  One of the most over riding concerns for upscale appliances is whether they are Energy Star rated; be sure to check as you go shopping.