Talk about a big house!

A couple days ago we had a great reaction to The Heritage House introduction.  Today take a look at The Burlington Colonial.  For all of our loyal readers let’s figure out which Burlington this home is named after.  There is Burlington Vermont and Burlington Massachusetts and then there is Burlington Ontario.

Today’s Burlington Colonial home is named after Burlington Ontario.  That is a surprise!  

3 or 4 bedrooms?

On Tuesday we introduced you to The Heritage House and that blog post received a lot of attention and significant interest.  So, today I thought I’d show you yet another picture of The Heritage House.

If you look at these two photographs they show was appears to be “the same house.”  Well……, that is completely wrong.  One of the houses is considerably larger than the other.

For example, can you figure which on has four bedrooms vs three in the other?

Put your feet up and relax on the porch

On this beautiful summer afternoon take a long look at The Heritage House a classic New England Farm-House.  Welcome Heritage House to the Gallery of Fine Homes in Vermont Modular’s American Dream series of homes.

Please remember that every home is 100% Custom Built.  With that in mind you can easily figure out how many bedrooms this home as.  Is it three or four?  We don’t know that question is up to you as you design your Custom Built Modular.  The same applies to all of the questions you have. 

A gorgeous American Classic

Yesterday we introduced you to The Tiverton, a stately four-bedroom home, a classic New England Two-Story Colonial home.  With 2,136 square feet of living space this is a handsome home just right for the larger family that needs a full four bedrooms.

Upon entering this home, you are immediately struck with the expansive two-story entry / foyer that is open to above creating a impressive welcome to this beautiful home.

Chocolate or Vanilla

Ice cream does not solve everything!  However, when it is well into the 90’s like it has been recently it sure helps us all feel better.

Did you know that Vermont Modular Homes has been including Air Conditioning in virtually all of our new homes for the past several years?

It seems as though we have all become spoiled and genuinely want AC included.  The most popular type of AC for 2020 is the wildly popular Ductless Mini-Split HEAT PUMP

The design center is open

Today is the middle of July, the sun is shining, and the temps are about 80 degrees.  This is a beautiful summer day; we hope everyone is enjoying July in Vermont.  It doesn’t get much better.

However……., it won’t be long and the leaves will turn and fall will be upon us.  Now, in the beauty of summer is the perfect time to be seriously planning for your new home.

Earlier this morning we met with clients and planned the layout for their new home up in the mountains of Central Vermont’s Windsor County.

Are you liking the hardwood floors?

If we head down south to Windham County, out in the country halfway between nowhere and nothing we come across a beautiful Cape Cod style home that has this spacious Open-Concept living/dining room.  Look through the expansive windows or out on the large deck and you are looking at 43 acres of gorgeous Vermont countryside.