Only a couple small things left.

So far, we have both the footings and walls are poured, water-proofed, perimeter drains are installed, and most likely insulated.  Insulating the foundation can happen later in the process if you choose to insulate the walls on the inside.  This is the method we highly recommend and will gladly discuss with you in detail.

There are now only two remaining tasks:

Things are about to move along quickly on your lot.

The other day we saw The Excavator arrive and suggested several things to think about before actually starting.  Let’s pretend that all of your planning, orientation, and site layout is done.  It is probably a very good idea to have a map of your property that clearly shows where all of the various pieces are going.  With the map the excavator will use it as his guide and build everything accordingly.

Now we are ready to start.

Yesterday we situated the house on the property took into account how and what it will face.  Last thought…….., take your time with the process of staking out the location for the house.  Once you have made your choice it is virtually impossible to change so, be careful and think!

After the bank; what comes next?

So far we have talked about Buyers’ and Sellers’ markets, high cost of Real Estate in general and specifically land, how baby boomers and millennials are driving up costs, and then yesterday we recommended you go see the bank for a pre-qualification conversation.

One last thought about The Bank.  We suggest you talk with one or two banks but, not many banks, it simply makes your process that more complicated.  Choose wisely and then talk with two banks or other lending institutions.

How do we proceed in a Sellers’ Market?

For a couple days now, we have been talking about how difficult it is to buy and build a new home.  The Supply (people looking to sell) is much smaller than The Demand (people looking to buy)  So, what is the best way to move forward?  As all Renters in Vermont know it is silly to continue renting!  Since there is such a big demand it is very easy for Landlords to constantly raise their rent.  Monthly rents are often more than a monthly mortgage payment would be for a comparable home.