Beautiful Vaulted Living Room

For the past couple days we’ve been looking at beautiful Living Rooms whether they are next to the water or up in the mountains.

So, what do you think of today’s living room? 

This living room adheres to the Open Concept of living very well.  In the rear is the gourmet kitchen and to the left slightly out of view is the dining room.

Another living room

Yesterday we looked at a really cool living room that looked out over Lake Champlain out in The Islands.

Today you are looking at a Living Room down in Southern Vermont.  That huge expanse of glass looks out at the Green Mountains near Wilmington Vermont.

Yes, this living room has a Vaulted Ceiling that creates s unique look that is right at home in any area that has a view.  This beautiful Ranch House would fit just perfect:

What style kitchen do you prefer?

We have been looking at Ranch Homes recently so we thought you might enjoy seeing a charming living room that looks out to an expansive deck.

On the right-hand side of the living room are two large sliding glass doors and the deck.  What you cannot see is the spectacular view of Lake Champlain. 

And YES, that is a real wood burning fireplace for non-summer weather.  Ok, ok……, we might not need to fireplace in June and July but it sure is nice knowing its there for cold winter nights.

I love the detail

As you know, last week I went to see a completed home in New York State.  So, this afternoon I thought I’d show you the detail of the trim work that is at the top of every window and door throughout.

This is a classic design from Late Victorian homes but in the new Ranch House it is a modernized version of the classic.

Personally, I love the clean lines involved with the woodwork of this home, it adds a lot to the character of the house.  And, it has been greatly appreciated.

How about a fireplace?

As you know we did a road trip over to The Adirondacks of NYS to look at a finished home from Vermont Modular.

Lately the weather hasn’t been exactly “sit by the fire” weather but I thought you might like to see one beautiful fireplace.  Today’s photograph shows the same fireplace but on two different occasions.  The smaller picture was taken the day the house was delivered, it is brand new!

The second picture was taken after the home was finished; you can easily see the TV mounted above the mantle.

Like the color?

Yesterday was a busy day for Vermont Modular and I thought you might like to see where we went.  This is over in The Adirondacks of New York State.

Today’s photograph is of a home you have seen before.  Back in January, this past January right here in 2020, we posted a lot of pictures of this home while it was being set on its permanent foundation. 

And as you can easily see a lot has changed.  This is just a tiny list just for you:

Yikes, what's going on here?

When you build a new home there are numerous Infrastructure items that absolutely must be properly done. 

In today’s photograph you see a series of Tanks and Pipes that after they are properly installed and connected together will be buried and basically for ever will remain out of sight.  I’ll bet that many of our readers do not know what all this is.

You are looking at a series of tanks and inside one of the tanks are several pumps, switches, and alarms.  All this is only a portion of a Septic System.

A beautiful 2,000 sf home

We had a great inquiry about a particular home that today is an overview of that house as it was built. 

Take a look at today’s collage of pictures, this is what you are looking at:

1. Delivery, 2 & 3 setting the house, 4 building the garage, 5 & 6 overview of progress, 7 building the porch, 8 seeding the lawn, and 9 Finished.

Let us know what you think!

Inside there are three bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Gourmet kitchen, study/den/family room, and laundry. 

A lot of progress

The finish work on “your” new modular home continues.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will quickly see that both the three-car garage and the covered front porch are finished.  We had discussed the building of both of these aspects of the house in blog posts last week.  What do you think?  How does it look?

Look closer and you will also see: