Financing your new home, the does and don’ts!

For all of you out there that are considering buying or building a new home, we would like to offer a couple tips on what works and what doesn’t.

The entire process of buying or building a home begins at The Bank.  Unless you are one of a very few people you will be needing a loan or mortgage from a bank, sometimes called The Lender to finance the purchase of your dreams.

Is your house a healthy place to live?

Yesterday we talked about whether your home breathes or not.  Don’t forget – houses do not breathe, only you and every other animal breathe.

But, your home is super insulated and is built very tight so it needs fresh air so that other nasty things don’t live in your home; your home needs to be healthy - 

A dark and damp place is the perfect breeding ground for the growth of Mold and Mildew; both of which are living organisms that you do not want in your home!

Rising prices, plan accordingly –

Yesterday we touched on two major forces that are about to impact the cost of building products significantly.

We talked about International Trade issues between The United States and Canada.  It seems as though the lumber price and import duty problems have been a dispute since 1982.  Back then we imported almost $6 billion in lumber from Canada and the vast majority of that went to residential housing.

How about what’s in and what’s out?

While you are trying to make your home look spectacular so that it will sell quickly let’s take a minute and look back at some of the things that were once very beautiful but now are …….., well not quite a beautiful any more.

Avocado Green appliances.  Do you remember them?  I can remember when the refrigerator and the toilet were the same awful green avocado color.  Do you still have some of these relics left in your home?

Let’s talk Value! What’s it worth?

For several weeks now we have been talking about selling and buying your new home.  One of the salient considerations is the knowledge and understanding that buyers possess.  In other words, they are very savvy; they know what they want and they know what to pay for it.  Or…………., the current home buyer knows value.

Everyone loves your puppy! Well no !

All across America people are on the move, going from one place to another.  Are you

  1. Mom and Dad selling the big house?
  2. One of The Kids buying your first house?
  3. Young couple looking to move up to a bigger house?
  4. A Baby Boomer looking to move to something smaller?

Regardless of who you are one of the big pieces in the puzzle is selling one home so that you can move on into another home.

Backyard patio and deck living. -

Take a look at today’s photograph and you can see one of the more popular trends in home design.  The indoor living space easily moves outside to the deck, patio, porch, veranda, terrace, or what every you’d like to call that special space at your home.

Outdoor living has grown in popularity and now is a key feature that demanding home buyers are looking for.  Obviously, it is an important part of selling your home so that you can build your new home.

How was your Holiday weekend?

It seems as though the news has been full of reports of backyard cookouts, picnics, parades, fireworks, and of course the ubiquitous hot dog.  Did you read that Joey Chestnut ate 72 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes to win the world’s championship again?  Ummmmm, me thinks that’s a tad crazy but July 4th is a Happy Celebration for America’s birthday.  It seems as though the Hot Dog has become a part of Americana!