It was an excellent house set

Yesterday, January 16, we set a handsome Ranch home here in Chittenden County Vermont, it was cold and windy, but everything went smoothly, and the entire house set was completed in one day.

We started about 8:30 in the morning.  Those of you that follow our daily blog know that the modules were delivered the previous afternoon.  The delivery was scheduled so that The Set could happen the following morning.

Here’s a brief rundown of what happened throughout the two days:

This morning it was Sub-Zero

We’d like to mention another type of construction that seems to be in use and that is building homes with Factory-Made Panels.  The panels are then trucked to the building site and assembled into the “shell” of the house.

On the surface I suppose that has an appeal although the real benefit escapes me. This is a type of construction where “Some Assembly is Required.”  Well, ok, a lot of assembly is required!

Speaking of cold.

For the past couple days, we’ve been talking about COLD WEATHER house sets.  Take a long look at today’s photograph.  This house set in Vermont’s Addison County was almost exactly ten years ago and for obvious reasons it was one that I don’t think about often.  As I recall it was minus-twenty degrees that day.  OK, so the sun was shining, it was still a bitterly cold day!

Do you notice how there is a sheet of plastic protecting the crane from the cold?  It was cold enough that we had to focus on protecting the machinery.

It was snowing that day!

Take a look at today’s photograph it is of a crew setting a modular home on its permanent foundation on a VERY COLD winter day in 2010.

Yesterday’s blog showed several men on the set crew struggling in the bitter cold as they wallowed around in at least a foot of new snow.  Isn’t winter fabulous?  Maybe we should show you a picture of skiers up on the mountain enjoying the snow while we struggle.

Can a home be set in the winter?

Lately we’ve been talking about building your new home inside away from Nature’s harsh winter weather.  Yesterday’s photograph showed you a home being built inside the factory.  It wasn’t snowing, the wind wasn’t blowing, and it wasn’t cold. 

By the way, we are asked a lot how warm it inside the plant.  Typically, the factory runs about fifty to sixty degrees; warm enough for materials to work nicely but not so warm that the workers are uncomfortable.

It's cold outside!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, it is really cold outside!  This morning as I left the house on my way to our offices here in Shelburne it was slightly above zero.  Yikes that’s cold!  And, the wind was blowing.  For sure, today is one of those days where “…you’ve just got to love winter.” 

Can you imagine your new home being built outside on a day like this?  Pretend that somehow the carpenters managed to work; how would they navigate working with gloves on?  Or even worse, how would they manage without gloves?  Either scenario is an accident looking for a place to happen!

More about spray foam

Here goes our first blog post for 2019, welcome aboard, we are glad to see you.  Obviously, we hope you enjoy the blog posts but also it is our goal to provide you with worthwhile information.

The other day back in 2018 we talked about Spray Foam using a Foam Gun that is used to fill smaller voids.  The purpose for that application is to stop Cold Air Penetration.

Energy Efficiency Continued.

For the past couple days, we talked about Heat Pumps and showed you both The Head inside and The Compressor outside.  The Heat Pumps are the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Today’s photograph does not have a direct connection to a Heat Pump, but it does directly impact Heat Loss.

Today’s picture shows you the Energy Performance Ratings for a quality Window.  Here’s what you are looking at: