How about a BBQ ?

Recently we have tried to keep you up to speed with the most popular TRENDING design inclinations in today’s contemporary homes. 

As you might have noticed today, March 11, 2021 is a uniquely beautiful day.  The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze, and the thermometer is upwards of 60 degrees.  So, does all this make you think about Out-Door Living?

Do you like plants in your home?

Have you noticed how many homes are now decorating with all kinds of indoor plants?  Using live plants to decorate has become one of the most popular trends!  By the way, try to avoid the plastic plants they somehow do not accomplish what you want.  Take a drive to one of the good local garden stores and see what is available; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Not only do plants bring a whole new dimension to your home but they also help to clean the air by generating oxygen.

What is your favorite COLOR ?

And on this Friday we continue with our series on Home Style Trends.

We are sure all of you have noticed that in recent years the COLORs of white and all sorts of grey have dominated the color schemes in new homes.  In the kitchen the overwhelming color was white cabinetry with mostly white counter tops.  And, in the living room areas of the house the overwhelming color was one of many shades of grey.

What do the kids think?

We have been talking about Sought-After Trends in the world of single-family homes and today you are looking at a young man attending a Zoom Meeting on his computer.  The likelihood of him in the middle of “Going to School” is overwhelming!

There are more kids going to school via Zoom and actually sitting in a classroom.  Yup, it is true.  So each new home being designed and built needs to have that special space where kids can have quiet and an element of privacy as they do their school-work.

How about Mold

Last week we started a series of Blog Posts that deal with Trending Concepts in residential design.  Continuing today with a new emphasis that is being placed on keeping a home Healthy.  Do ya think that COVID and The Pandemic might have had an impact on this Trending idea?

Do you want a larger home?

Today is Thursday and we continue our series on Trending Concepts in residential construction.

For many years the overall size of single-family homes was getting smaller.  Then along came COVID-19 and it seems as though The American Family is spending more time at home, the kids are home more now that school is closed, and many parents are working from home.  There has been a huge shift in how the typical family sees its house. 

Thinking of a new business?

Another rapidly becoming a very popular type of Residential Construction is the “Build to Rent” concept. 

This is where a builder or developer or any private individual will build a multi-family home with the idea of only renting it out.  The owner really never has the intent of living in that building.

Currently we have in production a Duplex that fits this plan.

Ready and waiting

Slight change of pace for today.  We thought you might like to see the foundation for our next home to be delivered the first part of February.  The other day we took you along on a tour of the factory with our homeowners as they examined their home being built. 

While the home is being built in the factory the Poured Reinforced Concrete Foundation was dug, poured, water-proofed, and backfilled.  All in preparation for the delivery of the home.

How about a tour for you

Currently we have a duplex in the midst of production at the plant.  So the other day yours truly met the homeowners at the plant and we went for a tour and inspected the progress.  I thought you might like to come along.

In today’s photograph you see Jason on the right explaining to the homeowners on the left what they are looking at.  The owner of the duplex brought along his future tenants so they could see as well.