What is our most affordable home?

Our phone rings all the time and more often than not the question goes this way, “…..we are on a budget and want to know what is your most affordable home?”

Actually, that isn’t hard to answer at all!  When looking at price there is one major rule that always applies.  “It is always less expensive to build up rather than build out !”

What does that mean”

It's been a busy week.

Earlier this week we were up north, actually about as far north as anyone can go without leaving Vermont and entering Quebec.  We delivered a really cute Ranch House for a young family and everyone couldn’t be more pleased!

For a lot of reasons this was a uniquely enjoyable job!  All the owners were especially happy and excited to see this project actually come to fruition.  It was exciting.

At one point in the day I heard the owner say, “…Wow!’

“So, Chris, what do you mean?”  I asked

And the foundation continues.

Every home absolutely must have a foundation.  We are frequently asked, “….can I build my home on a slab?”  The short answer to that question is NO.  No, you cannot build a residential house on a slab!  The severe cold in winter along with the frost penetrating the ground; a system of footings that are below the frost line is without question necessary.  Yesterday’s picture showed footings for our newest home; they had just been built.

This is the beginning

The very first few days of a New-Home job site aren’t the prettiest part of a project, but they just might be one of the most important parts.

In today’s photograph you are looking at brand-new concrete footings.  These footings are the very bottom of a project, it is on these footings that the entire home is sitting, they carry 100% of the home’s weight.

Are you more of a winter person?

Just last weekend it we had a record-breaking heat wave, it got to 101 degrees here in Northern Vermont.  Egad that was super-hot!

We are rapidly coming up on August of 2019 when the days start to get a bit shorter, evenings slightly less warm, and sitting outside around the fire-pit is wonderful.  When I was a kid we’d build a bond-fire down by the lake and roast marshmallows.

Yupm its AC time!

For many years of delivering homes throughout Vermont we virtually never considered Air Conditioning.  The comment always came back, “….oh it’s Vermont, we don’t need AC!’

In the past five or so years we are constantly asked, “….what type of AC comes with the house?”  That brings up the question that “Captain Obvious” almost always asks, “….what types of AC are available?”  I told you he was fairly obvious