Heat Pump

We have talked all week about our ADU, the small accessory home for mom or dad or even better both mom and dad.  The ADU we’ve been talking about is a whopping 780 Square Feet of living space, enough for two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  It really is an adorable home.

We are thinking that mom and dad would like to have their new Accessory Dwelling be affordable and Energy Efficient.  This new home has:

Colonial Farmhouse

Today’s photograph is of our very popular Windham House, a very modern version of The Colonial Farmhouse look that was originally created in Scandinavia and Germany.  Early Americans basically copied the Farmhouse Style.

As we all know this style of home is extremely popular throughout New England and along with The Cape Cod Style might be considered the Quintessential Vermont home.

What is your most important supply to winterize

Normally we’d suggest you plunge right into a project around the house, something that would prepare you for winter which, we all know is around the corner.  But if you have time it just might be fun to pile everyone into the car and head out to one of a zillion orchards and pick yourself some truly fresh apples

What's goin on this weekend?

The weather report for this upcoming weekend looks wonderful!  I’m thinking there’s a good possibility the grill will get fired up for a BBQ.

In addition to a cook-out this Saturday is going to be a great time to start tackeling those chores around the house in preparation for winter.

How cold was it?

I can most assuredly tell you that the mountains of Washington County Vermont in February are crazy COLD.  The day we set this house it was minus 12 degrees when we started at 8:00 in the morning.  YUP, it really was bitter cold.  But, it wasn’t all that bad because the sun was shining brightly and there was absolutely no wind.

How's winter?

Take a look at today’s photograph!  Today’s picture was taken in January 2019 of a poured reinforced concrete foundation here in Chittenden County. 

Vermont Modular delivered the nice big house for this foundation in February, in the depths of winter.  Sure, it was cold, it is supposed to be cold in February!  Just like we put more clothes on, another layer to stay warm, we do the same thing with concrete. 

Guess what is on its way

Tomorrow will be October 1st another month as slipped away and increasingly everyone is looking forward to “The Holidays.”  And, in today’s photograph do you see why we mention The Holidays? 

For sure, that is a Christmas Tree next to the fireplace.  Isn’t it convenient that this living room in our beautiful Ranch House has a Fireplace just perfect for Santa!  We happen to know that in his home three grandchildren anxiously awaited his arrival and were completely convinced he’d use that chimney!

Look inside

For a couple weeks now we’ve been looking at Ranch Homes and the series has garnered a lot of comments, suggestions, and a ton of “Likes” on our Facebook page.  It is always nice to hear from everyone.

Today let’s start a couple blog posts about what is INSIDE a Ranch House.

In today’s photograph you are looking at a high-end Gourmet Kitchen.  Here’s what is there:

What do you know about Ranch Homes?

We have repeatedly mentioned that back in the 1920’s there was a lot of interest in “Kit Homes” that people bought from Retail Store Catalogues.  Sears is probably the most widely known for selling these homes that were all precut so that construction on-site would be quick and something that the owner could “easily” put together themselves.  The definition of “Easily” was certainly up for discussion.