It's time to close the windows!

We have been talking about Cold Air Penetration and how the Cold and Dense air gets into your home, or more accurately how it gets into the basement.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see the biggest culprit for that Cold Air Penetration.  Yup, that would be the basement window.

Heat escapes

Yesterday we talked about the Density of air and atmospheric pressures; both of these significantly impact Heat Loss in your home.

For the duration of our Winterizing Blog series we will greatly emphasize how Cold Air penetrates into your home and how that costs you money.  Yes, of course if you stand there with the front door wide open a lot of cold air will enter the house.  That is not what we are talking about.  We will hopefully show you how seemingly insignificant things allow cold air into the house.

Winterizing your home.

For those of us that love summer the official start of autumn is a date with mixed feelings.  However, we all know that fall can be one of Vermont’s most beautiful times of the year.  The huge disadvantage to autumn is that The Foliage Season has such a short life.

In addition to Foliage Season fall marks the beginning of winter and the need for everyone to make improvements to their home to reduce energy consumption.

Where does the heat come from?

Here is a very perplexing question – if it is ZERO degrees outside and your Air Source Heat Pump is extracting heat from outside’s COLD air to heat your home…., how does that happen?  Today we are limiting our conversation to Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps.

Wouldn’t common sense tell you that cold outside air is not a great source of heat?  We were all kids once and mom would tell us “….shut the door, are you trying to heat all outdoors?”  So, how is it that today the same cold air is going to heat our home?

In addition to the Carpenter

Once your new modular home is gently placed on its permanent foundation by the set crew with the help of a heavy hydraulic crane; then the on-site work begins.  We have already talked about what the carpenter does so today let’s look and see what the Plumber will be doing; typically, your plumber will have three major tasks:

More detail about finish work.

Yesterday we provided a brief overview of what will be needed to finish the work on your new home once the Set Crew has gently placed your modules on their permanent foundation. 

Today let’s start a slightly more detailed explanation of what goes on.  Today let’s take a look at what the Carpenter might be doing for you:

Now comes the finishing touches

As our story line continues we move away from the delivery and setting of the modules on their permanent foundation.  The next step in the process of completing your modular home is the all in the details.

Today’s photograph shows Pat and Gordon standing in their front door in Lanesboro Massachusetts.  (by the way, without the computer’s Spell Check I will never know how to correctly spell Massachusetts)  Today’s picture was taken immediately after they house was set on the foundation back in May.