What do you think it wrights?

After the delivery has successfully been accomplished the big day finally arrives when the modules (affectionally known as Boxes) are about to be assembled on their permanent foundation.

In today’s photograph it is early on a cold December morning.  The Heavy Crane has arrived along with the Set Crew.  Both the crane and set crew will work together as they piece everything together.

At the end of one day this nice size ranch house in Addison County has been put together.

Playing in the dirt

Yesterday we looked as the trucks were backing in with the house modules; placing the “boxes” just right so the crane could easily hoist them up onto their permanent foundation.

Today let’s back up and take a look at the preparation that was necessary to create a great building lot deep in the woods.

Look at the excavator machine, it will

I wonder what style home

In just the past two weeks we have had two brand-new homes delivered and set on their permanent foundations.  So, for the next couple days we thought it might be fun to let you in on a pictorial history of these new homes.

In today’s photograph you can see the very last stages of delivery.  All the trucks, modules, and safety flag cars are stopped at the end of the new home’s driveway. The truck drivers will scope out the job site one last time to make sure everything goes smoothly.  (pssst !!!, yup! All went well)

Delivered this morning

For the past several weeks we have been discussing the various options that are available in your new home; things like siding, roofing, windows, doors and so on.  That series is not over yet but, today we thought we would include you with the new home delivery that occurred this morning up north in Lamoille County Vermont.

Color of the roof

Last week we talked about the possible color of the siding on your new home.  The second biggest color choice you have is the color of the roof.

Are you going to have asphalt shingles?  A typical roof from Vermont Modular Homes is a 30 year True Architectural Asphalt shingled roof.  Other than this Asphalt shingle roof there are a few homes that eventually end up with a Metal Roof, all of those are installed on-site as they are not done in the factory.

Knock knock! Who's there?

Yesterday we asked you to think about your Front Door.  Today let’s take another look at the front door but this time the Door’s Hardware. 

What will you need to open the front door?

  • Key
  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Wi-Fi connection

Would you like to “call” the house on your phone and have the front door unlocked and the lights turned on just before you arrive with bags of groceries?  That could be helpful.

Getting towards "Show Time"

Today we are going to take a visit to an upcoming house set.  Today’s photograph was taken this morning as the owner, the excavator, the General Contractor, my yours truly all scoped out the job site.

This home is comprised by five modules all to be assembled on an intricate foundation.  Because of the house’s size it is necessary to hire an extra-large and heavy-duty crane.  The specific spot where the crane will sit needs special attention because of its extra size and weight.

This is a BIG day in the project

For a couple days now we’ve shown you job sites where the foundation was about to be poured and over the weekend, we will update you with photographs of those properties.

In today’s photograph you are looking at the cement truck delivering concrete to be poured into the forms that hold the concrete while it partially cures enough that the forms can be removed allowing the “green” concrete to set up and cure.