It was snowing that day!

Take a look at today’s photograph it is of a crew setting a modular home on its permanent foundation on a VERY COLD winter day in 2010.

Yesterday’s blog showed several men on the set crew struggling in the bitter cold as they wallowed around in at least a foot of new snow.  Isn’t winter fabulous?  Maybe we should show you a picture of skiers up on the mountain enjoying the snow while we struggle.

Can a home be set in the winter?

Lately we’ve been talking about building your new home inside away from Nature’s harsh winter weather.  Yesterday’s photograph showed you a home being built inside the factory.  It wasn’t snowing, the wind wasn’t blowing, and it wasn’t cold. 

By the way, we are asked a lot how warm it inside the plant.  Typically, the factory runs about fifty to sixty degrees; warm enough for materials to work nicely but not so warm that the workers are uncomfortable.

It's cold outside!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, it is really cold outside!  This morning as I left the house on my way to our offices here in Shelburne it was slightly above zero.  Yikes that’s cold!  And, the wind was blowing.  For sure, today is one of those days where “…you’ve just got to love winter.” 

Can you imagine your new home being built outside on a day like this?  Pretend that somehow the carpenters managed to work; how would they navigate working with gloves on?  Or even worse, how would they manage without gloves?  Either scenario is an accident looking for a place to happen!

Installing Foam

The past couple days we’ve talked about Continuous Foam Insulation on the outside of the house as a Thermal Barrier and then we took a look at Roxul Insulation inside the exterior walls.

Today let’s take a look at how and where to use Spray Foam.  There are basically two major types of foam application:

Lets look at the compressor

The other day we had a good conversation about Heat Pumps.  The response to the blog post was good.  Several people engaged in the conversation and several dozen decided to “Like” the post on Facebook.  That blog post showed a picture of the “Head” portion of the Heat Pump.  The Head is the Inside Portion of a Heat Pump.  

What happens with Winter construction?

For a couple days now, we have been talking about building a home during the winter.  Remember the photograph that shows the partially built home all covered with snow?  The blog post generated a lot of interest, it clearly showed how conventional construction during the winter months can be problematic.  Building a home in the plant in the controlled environment is much easier and without a doubt results in a much better home.

Delivering a home in the winter is very possible!

Vermont Modular Homes delivers homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York State and we have been doing this every month of the year, even when the ground of frozen and covered with snow.

Take a look at today’s photograph, it shows a Vermont Modular home being delivered in the dead of winter on top of a mountain in Washington County south of Montpelier, our state’s capital.

What about those basement windows?

The other day we had what I think was a great question from Linda in New York; she wants to know if she has too many basement windows and should she close-off some of those windows.  What do basement windows actually do?

Take a look at today’s photograph that shows the basement windows in a brand-new foundation in Washington County Vermont.  This foundation was part of a project we did several years ago.

So, what do these strategically placed windows do:

What's going on outside?

The other day the news told of a huge winter storm throughout the mid-west causing all kinds of headaches and hick-ups for millions of people.  Well, that lovely storm is now meandering through New England and at our office here in Shelburne the snow flakes are especially large.  And, just like today’s photograph much of the snow is sticking to the branches and limbs.  Ok, so it is beautiful to look at the today’s photograph shows a “Site-Built” home during construction.

In the photograph you are looking at:

What do you think?

Normally we talk about Energy Conservation and Efficiency but, not today.  We want to let you in on what is our newest undertaking.  Yes, we will be following this throughout the entire project, so you will have a good idea of what to expect with your new home.

In today photograph you can see the first stages of building a driveway to the house site.  This particular site is slightly unique in that the entire road bed of rock came directly from the property and honestly that doesn’t happen very often.