Today is Friday, the weekend is here

Oh look, it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us.  Put that together with it being July 4th week, beautiful weather, and we are about to head off to vacation.

Isn’t this just the perfect time to continue thinking of your Vacation Home here in The Green Mountain State?  Of course, we all know that nothings is better than July and August in Vermont!  Don’t forget that even the skiers look forward to this.

Have you thought of a Vacation Home?

Next Tuesday is July 4th and for many people the Nation’s Birthday Holiday will start on Friday and last all next week.  Yes, Vermont Modular Homes will be closed for a long holiday weekend along with everyone else.

So, while you and your family are on vacation have you considered building your own vacation home right here in Vermont?  Well of course you have and honestly, we think it’s a great idea.

Another new home

As many of you know we try to post a blog every business day of the week.  Yesterday that didn’t happen, and I thought it might be fun to let you know why.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see a two-story colonial modular home being set on its permanent foundation.  That’s where we were yesterday in Windsor County Vermont.  The set crew arrived along with the crane and the day went this way:  (the times are approximate)

So, what’s NOT to do?

We get a lot of calls and inquiries about building a new home and it seems as though many must first sell their existing home.  Granted, today here in Vermont it is most definitely a “Sellers’ Market” but it is to your advantage to sell your home for Top-Dollar so that you can move on to your new home.  Right?

So here are a couple things that we are going to suggest you do NOT DO:

Adjustable v. Fixed.

When you are thinking about a mortgage one of the really big and important aspects to consider is whether you pick an Adjustable Rate or a Fixed Rate mortgage.

As of today (5/23/2018) the current Annual Percentage Rate for a conventional 30 year mortgage is 5.066%.  Be careful, these rates are constantly changing so you must check with your bank to see what’s going on.  Based on a $250,000 mortgage the monthly payment would be $1,352 each month with a total pay-back of $486,776 at the end of the 30 years.

Solar Panels on your roof.

Today’s blog is rather important to us as a company and we are reaching out to you for input and advice!  Please let us know your thoughts!

In today’s news there was an article that California has approved a requirement that every new home built in their state has Solar Panels on the roof.

How about your first home.

Yesterday we talked about homes for folks looking at Retirement.  Today how about we take a look at families looking for their first home.

Normally, a couple or single looking for their first home are very tight on money and need to find the home that provides the “Biggest Bang for the Buck!”  Now it’s decision time, which to we choose a Ranch, a Cape, or a Two-Story.