Low-E Windows are fairly high tech

I am fairly sure that most people have heard the term LOW-E glass or LOW-E windows.  It is one of those new-fangled ideas that helps.  Right?  Well yeah it is fairly new and honestly high tech.

What does LOW-E actually mean?  A LOW-E window is one whose Emissivity of Heat is Low.  Or, a Low-E window cuts down on the Emission of Heat, along with other things, all of which are good.

Windows are such a pane

This entire week we have been talking about technological advances in building science and today let’s look at the pane.  That’s a pane of glass, not the other pain.

The Weak Link in your home’s Building Envelope are your windows.  Regardless of how well you install windows or how well built the windows are; the glass that you and I enjoy so much are the one area of the house that loses more heat than any other.