What can we get for Six-Bucks?

I got thinking about our discussion that talked about Mortgages.  Remember we mentioned that mortgage rates were at 3.71% on Tuesday, today they are 3.750% for a fixed thirty-year mortgage.

Rather than have you either operating in the dark or constantly checking with a Mortgage Calculator to find out what your monthly payment is going to be, I thought it might help if you knew a much easier way for you to do all this in your head.

Are you trying to sell your home?

Here at Vermont Modular we talk with a lot of folks that are looking to either move up to their “Dream Home” or downsize after the kids have left the nest.  Either way, it is probably necessary to sell a home before buying or building a new home.

Here are a couple rather simple tips of what you should NOT do when selling your home:

Let's talk money today!

For a change of pace, I thought today might be a good day to talk about “The Cost of Money.” 

Let’s face it Banks are a business just like all the other business in that they are in the business of selling their product which just happens to be money.  So, banks sell money.  Well, they don’t exactly sell money but they do lend us money and that is the product they are selling.

The heel of your roof truss is very important

We could quickly plunge right into a conversation and discussion about insulating on top of the exterior wall and how that impacts the heel of your roof.  That would be a great idea except I am betting that many folks aren’t quite sure what the “Heel” really is.

Roof systems are built from several component parts:

More about The Vermont Energy Code

We are wandering around The Vermont Energy Code and sharing with you some of the salient points but strongly suggest that you make yourself aware of what exactly is in our state’s Energy Code so that you will be an educated home owner, or home buyer, or home builder. The Energy Code is a good tool for you to use.

Here are a few random highlights:

Low-E Windows are fairly high tech

I am fairly sure that most people have heard the term LOW-E glass or LOW-E windows.  It is one of those new-fangled ideas that helps.  Right?  Well yeah it is fairly new and honestly high tech.

What does LOW-E actually mean?  A LOW-E window is one whose Emissivity of Heat is Low.  Or, a Low-E window cuts down on the Emission of Heat, along with other things, all of which are good.

Windows are such a pane

This entire week we have been talking about technological advances in building science and today let’s look at the pane.  That’s a pane of glass, not the other pain.

The Weak Link in your home’s Building Envelope are your windows.  Regardless of how well you install windows or how well built the windows are; the glass that you and I enjoy so much are the one area of the house that loses more heat than any other.