It's show time!

Finally, your big day has arrived, and it is now time for have the Set Crew and The Crane work their magic as they hoist your new home on its permanent foundation whereupon it will be your new home.  Today’s photograph shows our “Go-To” Crane guy Cole, a talented crane operator.  We hire only experienced set crews and crane operators.  We want your new home to be a source of happiness for years to come!

Ok, the big day is almost here!

The foundation is all done, the backfilling is all set and good to go, you have taken care of a million small details, and now all we have to do is wait for the delivery.

Oh look……….., there are the trucks bringing you new home to you directly from the factory.  As most of you know it has been a tad chilly lately here in Vermont!  While we have been dealing with record breaking cold, snow, howling wind, and assorted other weather craziness; your new home was build indoors away from all that. 

Only a couple small things left.

So far, we have both the footings and walls are poured, water-proofed, perimeter drains are installed, and most likely insulated.  Insulating the foundation can happen later in the process if you choose to insulate the walls on the inside.  This is the method we highly recommend and will gladly discuss with you in detail.

There are now only two remaining tasks:

Now we are ready to start.

Yesterday we situated the house on the property took into account how and what it will face.  Last thought…….., take your time with the process of staking out the location for the house.  Once you have made your choice it is virtually impossible to change so, be careful and think!

You have your heart set on a piece of land.

You have come to understand the “ins and outs” of The Real Estate market, you’ve grasped the idea of Boomers’ and Millennials’ impact, then you went to the bank, and you have your heart now set on a specific piece of land in “The Perfect Town.”

At this point you realize that the family’s only conversation is about “The New House.”  What do you do next?