What’s the best kind of heat?

Today we are going to take a look at a system of heat that was used virtually everywhere but, has become less popular in recent years.

We are talking about Steam.  Virtually everyone is familiar with The Radiator that brought heat into all the rooms of a house.  Look at today’s photograph, that is The Radiator that was typically in every room of the house.

Its Cold outside, we need heat!

The other day we started a conversation about how to heat your new home.  Every “heating device” is a machine that makes either Hot Water or it makes Hot Air.  Technically a Furnace make hot air and a Boiler makes hot water. 

In today’s discussion we are not talking about The Boiler.  Today we will talk about Radiant Heat

Every home will need heat!

Several days ago, we talked about the tasks your carpenter will need to do inside the home. 

Today let’s take a look at one of several ways to heat your new home.  Almost always the plumber is also your heating technician.  When you are ordering your new home from Vermont Modular Homes you will need to decide how you plan on heating your home.  This is not an easy question as there are so many options available to you.

And you will also need a carpenter.

On your job right now you have the excavator guy outside with his machinery building all sorts of things.  And, one of those tasks is to dig a trench for the underground power so that the electrician can have the power company energize the house.  While the excavator and the electrician are busy, down in the basement the plumber is busily connecting all kinds of pipes so that the mechanicals of the house all work. 

What comes next?

Now that the delivery is completed and of course all of the specialized trucks’ carriers are taken back to the plant; what happens next?

There it is, your home is siting on its permanent foundation and of course you are 100% emotionally prepared to move in.  But……………., not so fast.  There is a bunch of finish work that needs to be done.

Over the next couple days we will discuss the various aspects of what needs to happen so that your home is 100% finished.  For starters let’s look at what the excavator needs to do now that virtually all the big and heavy trucks are gone:

It's show time!

Finally, your big day has arrived, and it is now time for have the Set Crew and The Crane work their magic as they hoist your new home on its permanent foundation whereupon it will be your new home.  Today’s photograph shows our “Go-To” Crane guy Cole, a talented crane operator.  We hire only experienced set crews and crane operators.  We want your new home to be a source of happiness for years to come!

Ok, the big day is almost here!

The foundation is all done, the backfilling is all set and good to go, you have taken care of a million small details, and now all we have to do is wait for the delivery.

Oh look……….., there are the trucks bringing you new home to you directly from the factory.  As most of you know it has been a tad chilly lately here in Vermont!  While we have been dealing with record breaking cold, snow, howling wind, and assorted other weather craziness; your new home was build indoors away from all that.