Material delays and it is apt to get worse

As we move more towards fall, let’s face it the first half of August is almost over, but as fall approaches it is time to seriously start thinking about building your new home.

In today’s email we received a notice that building supplies are in such high demand that everything is taking longer.  For example, did you know that :

Today is Friday, the weekend is here

Oh look, it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us.  Put that together with it being July 4th week, beautiful weather, and we are about to head off to vacation.

Isn’t this just the perfect time to continue thinking of your Vacation Home here in The Green Mountain State?  Of course, we all know that nothings is better than July and August in Vermont!  Don’t forget that even the skiers look forward to this.

For 2018 what are the hottest colors?

The summer months is the perfect time of the year to plan out your new home.  We have been talking about all kinds of aspects associated with home planning and today let’s be rather specific.

When you create a design and floor plan one of the big things to consider is what color or variety of colors will you choose to pain inside your home.

Here are some of the most popular trending colors for 2018:

Is your kitchen really that beautiful?

And for another day let’s stay in the kitchen looking at those really beautiful things that are available.  Just like yesterday, we are trying to add “The-WOW-Factor” to your kitchen.

Take a look at today’s photograph and let’s see what is there:

How beautiful is your kitchen?

As you know we are spending a couple days looking at those very special and extremely cool things that you can do to add that WOW-Factor to your home. 

What do you think of today’s photograph?  Is that one beautiful kitchen?  Included within the photograph are some of today’s most popular trends, things like:

How modern is your laundry?

Technology has taken over your living room and the other day we talked about all the gadgets that are available for kitchen work.  The numbers of technological advances that are available in your new home are truly impressive.