Pizza anyone?

Across America there are outstanding Trending Aspects of home building.  So today let’s look at one of a couple “Must Have” features in a new home.  These are the things that prospective home building families Must Have incorporated in their new home.

How about a BBQ ?

Recently we have tried to keep you up to speed with the most popular TRENDING design inclinations in today’s contemporary homes. 

As you might have noticed today, March 11, 2021 is a uniquely beautiful day.  The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze, and the thermometer is upwards of 60 degrees.  So, does all this make you think about Out-Door Living?

Stay at home or go on vacation?

Running around the internet is a fabulous new word – Homecation and that is combination of HOME and Vacation.  Or in other words it is when people decide to stay at home and make that time into their vacation.  I often wonder if the people who make up these new words have nothing better to do that make new words.  Oh well……..

What is your favorite color?

The more we explore the world of color is quickly becomes apparent that darker shades and tones are rapidly becoming more popular.

Several designers are referring to The Home as our ultimate retreat, that place where we can treat our home as a hideaway from the crazy world we live in.  The people that study color and its impact on individuals agree that earth tones lend themselves to the sanctuary that we all crave.  Today's photograph is called Bold Color.

What is your favorite COLOR ?

And on this Friday we continue with our series on Home Style Trends.

We are sure all of you have noticed that in recent years the COLORs of white and all sorts of grey have dominated the color schemes in new homes.  In the kitchen the overwhelming color was white cabinetry with mostly white counter tops.  And, in the living room areas of the house the overwhelming color was one of many shades of grey.

How about new Theories in design !

Today let’s look at a Trending Concept that is quite new.  For the past fifteen to twenty years the over-riding concept that is very popular is the Open Concept layout in a new home.  This is where the view from the kitchen is unobstructed on into the dining room and living room.  The idea is that it creates a feel where the family is all together.

Do you like the Red Siding?

Let us introduce you to The Windham Ranch house named after Southern Vermont’s Windham County.

If you are looking for a medium size Ranch House with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a handsome size living room that is right off the gourmet kitchen and dining area……………, if this is what you want then look no further.  The Windham Ranch will fit your demands completely.

Beautiful Vaulted Living Room

For the past couple days we’ve been looking at beautiful Living Rooms whether they are next to the water or up in the mountains.

So, what do you think of today’s living room? 

This living room adheres to the Open Concept of living very well.  In the rear is the gourmet kitchen and to the left slightly out of view is the dining room.

What style kitchen do you prefer?

We have been looking at Ranch Homes recently so we thought you might enjoy seeing a charming living room that looks out to an expansive deck.

On the right-hand side of the living room are two large sliding glass doors and the deck.  What you cannot see is the spectacular view of Lake Champlain. 

And YES, that is a real wood burning fireplace for non-summer weather.  Ok, ok……, we might not need to fireplace in June and July but it sure is nice knowing its there for cold winter nights.