Have you heard about our FREE deal?

This is the second day that we have advertised our FREE APPLIANCE package. 

Yes, you read that correctly!  Vermont Modular Homes is offering a FREE APPLIANCE package with the purchase of every new home ordered on or before November 15, 2019.

We are going out of our way to make an Affordable Home available in 2019, so we will include:

Affordable and quality – that’s good!

The other day we talked about cheap money, or in better terms we talked about how bank interest rates are at record lows.  The cost of borrowing money, the interest you pay the bank is typically one of the largest expenses to owning your new home.  That expense is rapidly going down and that works to your advantage!

The second largest expense to building your new home are the actual modular units.  All of us here at Vermont Modular Homes are determined to put together opportunities to make your new home even more affordable!

Check out this spectacular Cape Cod home

The Cape Cod Style home is a classic New England home dating back to early colonial times.  From then to now it has consistently grown in popularity and many contend The Cape is the Quintessential Vermont home.

The Maple Farm Cape sits on 40 acres in Southern Vermont overlooking spectacular property that even includes a fully stocked Trout Pond.

Incorporated within The Maple Farm Cape:

Every Home is Custom Built

Last week we introduced you to The Champlain Ranch home, a 1,529 Square Foot ranch home that has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, Open Concept living/dining area that is adjacent to the kitchen.

Since this layout was first posted we’ve had a bunch of comments and inquiries.  So, based on your comments and suggestions we have done a second drawing for The Champlain Ranch.

The point of today’s drawing is to show you that it is so easy to Customize Your New Home.

A Brand New Colonial Design, just for you.

The other day we mentioned that we will be introducing a NEW design, a NEW home that will be featured in our Portfolio.  Take a look at today’s Custom Design layout for a nice size Two-Story Colonial Home.

Today’s photograph shows you the layout for the first floor and tomorrow we will offer up the second floor.  Let’s take a look: