How beautiful is your kitchen?

As you know we are spending a couple days looking at those very special and extremely cool things that you can do to add that WOW-Factor to your home. 

What do you think of today’s photograph?  Is that one beautiful kitchen?  Included within the photograph are some of today’s most popular trends, things like:

How modern is your laundry?

Technology has taken over your living room and the other day we talked about all the gadgets that are available for kitchen work.  The numbers of technological advances that are available in your new home are truly impressive.

More kitchen gadgets to consider

Yesterday we talked about how technology has taken over your living room and is now about to invade your kitchen with a plethora of high tech or low tech gadgets.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape how technology is dominating everything in modern life don’t forget small contributions such as your vacuum, washing machines, clothes dryers, and of course Ice Cream Makers.  Do you really want to go back to “…the good old days?”  Remember yesterday we highlighted a kitchen based Digital Home Brewing system, that’s very cool!

What are you? A foodie or are you an unenthusiastic cook?

Let’s take a pretend tour of your home.  How about we start in the living room and check out all the technological goodies that are there.  That living room is typically devoted to entertaining family and guests.  Do you have a Smart TV?  Remember all those VHS tapes that gave way to DVD’s?  I still have a spectacular VCR, it is one of the 4-Head beauties, oh by the way, I haven’t even turned it on for at least five years; who knows whether it will even startup much less work properly.  Now it seems that everyone has a Smart TV.  Technology has taken over your livi

And over in the kitchen something is cooking

Last week we looked at House Styles such as Ranches, Capes, Two-Story Colonials, and vacation homes.

Every home, regardless of its style has a kitchen that again is as unique as the style of a home.  Today’s photograph points towards a Modern Look with white cabinets and black counter tops; the furniture seems to match the overall look of the kitchen.

There are several things to consider as you dream about your kitchen.  Probably the first question revolves around color:

Interior design question

The weather is crazy, one minute it snows, the next rain, and they are predicting 60’s for early next week.  Whaaaaat is going on?  Oh well, we can’t change any of it.

So, it remains a great time to plan for your new home.  And, here is today’s question – In the new plans, should you include a dining room?  When you design your new home it will obviously include:

Let’s take a trip back to the kitchen.

About a week ago we talked about a grease fire on the kitchen stove and how to extinguish the flames.  Check back to one of our earlier blog posts and check out the correct steps to take should if you have a grease fire at.  It really is important and deserves your close attention whether you live in Orange, Vermont or Orwell, Vermont, it is important!

We did more research and found that the overwhelming majority of house fires are caused by two things: