What do you know about Ranch Homes?

We have repeatedly mentioned that back in the 1920’s there was a lot of interest in “Kit Homes” that people bought from Retail Store Catalogues.  Sears is probably the most widely known for selling these homes that were all precut so that construction on-site would be quick and something that the owner could “easily” put together themselves.  The definition of “Easily” was certainly up for discussion.

Another Ranch House

So many of you liked seeing The Richmond Ranch house yesterday that we thought it might be fun to show you yet another handsome sized Ranch today.

Take a look at The Ryegate Ranch.  This home can easily be customized to fit your family’s individual wants and needs.  We will build this home for you, exactly the way you want, right down to the tiniest detail.

You are going to love your new home!

How about a new house!

Every time we introduce a new home design it generates a lot of activity.  So, how about we take a look at a new design from Vermont Modular Homes!

Take a look at today’s photograph and allow me to introduce you to The Barrington House Ranch.  In this classic American Ranch home, there are two bedrooms for The Kids and their own bathroom.  Then on the other end of the house is the Master Suite with a full Private Bath and walk-in-closet for Mom and Dad.

Does FREE work for you?

In the very near future all the kids will be going back to school, their lives are moving along so quickly!  It seems like yesterday when their clothes were constantly covered with mud, grass stains, and a myriad of other assorted stuff!  Now it is off to school in squeaky-clean clothes, right out of the washing machine.

Have you priced the staggering cost of a washing machine recently?  Talk about “Sticker Shock” and its impact on the family budget.

Have you heard about our FREE deal?

This is the second day that we have advertised our FREE APPLIANCE package. 

Yes, you read that correctly!  Vermont Modular Homes is offering a FREE APPLIANCE package with the purchase of every new home ordered on or before November 15, 2019.

We are going out of our way to make an Affordable Home available in 2019, so we will include:

Affordable and quality – that’s good!

The other day we talked about cheap money, or in better terms we talked about how bank interest rates are at record lows.  The cost of borrowing money, the interest you pay the bank is typically one of the largest expenses to owning your new home.  That expense is rapidly going down and that works to your advantage!

The second largest expense to building your new home are the actual modular units.  All of us here at Vermont Modular Homes are determined to put together opportunities to make your new home even more affordable!