How about Floor Covering? It can make a huge difference.

The other day we looked at bathrooms and how important they can be along with The Kitchen in making your new home POP as something so special.

Today look down at what you are sanding on, the Floor Covering can be equally important to making your home one of those homes that stand out.

Look carefully at today’s photograph that was taken in the living room of a Vermont Modular Home.  In the main living room, there’s obviously hardwood floors.  The kitchen has Ceramic tile and if you look carefully the adjoining room/den off the kitchen is carpeted.

Let’s stay in the kitchen, ok?

We have talked about Kitchen appliances and counter tops, remember we mentioned Energy Star appliances and Solid Surface counter tops.  We’ve talked about almost everything except the kitchen sink.  (pardon the pun)

So, today let’s look at the Kitchen Sink.  Obviously there are many types and styles to choose from and they are then manufactured from a wide variety of materials, let’s look:

What’s happening in your kitchen?

Remember yesterday’s comments about the kitchen being designed well with functionality being so very important?  I guess that when people think of the kitchen design being functional they think only of its layout.  Well, that is true but it is not the entire picture.

When you are cooking something on the stove and it is really hot, obviously, where do you put that pan?  Typically people look for a spot in the kitchen where they can safely set the hot pan down.  What if your kitchen has “Solid Surface” countertops?  You could easily set that pan down just about anywhere.

What’s cooking?

Many people will make it very clear that “The Heart” of every home is the kitchen.  And, that argument is very valid in the majority of homes.

Whether it is your family or while you are entertaining it seems as though activity revolves around what’s cooking in the kitchen; it is the place where everyone seems to hang out.

Interior Design and Style.

Yesterday’s blog talked about the use of vibrant colors and how the newer bold look of color can create that inviting and warm atmosphere.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the changing use of color in the kitchen which many will say is the heart of every home.  Today let’s look the new designs for a modern bathroom.

Electricity in the kitchen or should we have gas?

When we are talking with prospective clients the question always includes all kinds of conversations about the kitchen.  Many people will tell us that the kitchen is the heart of a home; it is the center place where a family congregates.  We can easily all smell the aroma of something very special emanating from the kitchen whether it be cookies, meat loaf, steak, or hot dogs.  Everything smells great.

But……., what cooks our food?  Will you be using gas or electric:

Check on your pipes, is everything good to go?

The other day we talked about a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater and how it can easily save you $4,000 over the life of the heater.  Honestly, that is something you should seriously look into and see if it can fit in your plans. 

Replacing the Hot Water Heater is one of the most expensive items we will mention to you.  Remember we want to make a big difference and have it be cheap.  The Heat Pump water heater makes a huge difference in your energy bill and your overall energy costs.  Unfortunately it isn’t cheap to buy.