Check on your pipes, is everything good to go?

The other day we talked about a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater and how it can easily save you $4,000 over the life of the heater.  Honestly, that is something you should seriously look into and see if it can fit in your plans. 

Replacing the Hot Water Heater is one of the most expensive items we will mention to you.  Remember we want to make a big difference and have it be cheap.  The Heat Pump water heater makes a huge difference in your energy bill and your overall energy costs.  Unfortunately it isn’t cheap to buy.

Upgrades for your home; are they worth it?

The other day I was reading about the value of certain upgrades to your home.  Obviously there are some things that make a lot of good sense and others are simply a waste of money.

Many of us are actively thinking of selling our home so that we can move on to a new home.  In the process of getting ready to sell we all consider improving our home so it sells better and hopefully our improvements will get us a better price.

Building your new cottage?

For the past twenty-five years Vermont Modular has been delivering homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York.  For roughly twenty of those years our normal client was a young couple looking for their first home; our most popular style of home was The Cape Cod. The Cape represents a teriffic value where the “up-front-cost” was kept to a minimum.  Most of those homes were delivered as an “Unfinished Cape” where the second floor would be completed onsite usually by the young couple owning their first home.