It is that time of year

It seems as though every winter we always get the same type of questions. 

Take a look at today’s photograph, that was February 2015 up on top of a mountain in central Vermont and it had been snowing for several days, the road was completely covered, and it was a wild and crazy winter day.  The town highway department graciously sanded the road just ahead of our trucks and despite the nasty winter weather everything went well.

Several years later this home was sold and the new owners are thrilled to be a part of central Vermont.

Hi Baby Boomers

Good afternoon Boomers!  Just in case you didn’t know……….., you are a Boomer if you are 54 years young all the way up to seventy-three, also years young.  But, those of you that are boomers already knew that.

Boomers are the babies that came into the world in the years after World War II.  Did you know that Baby Boomers are slightly more than seventy-six MILLION people.  WOW, that is a lot of people.

What's Trending?

Just in case you haven’t noticed the price of a single-family home in Vermont is skyrocketing to all-time record high prices.

In the past twenty years it is not uncommon for home prices to have gone up as much as 400% which is a great thing if you bought your home twenty years ago.  However, it you are looking today it leaves you with massive Sticker Shock.

Today we’d like to give you two ways to significantly bring your home to an affordable place:

Colonial Farmhouse

Today’s photograph is of our very popular Windham House, a very modern version of The Colonial Farmhouse look that was originally created in Scandinavia and Germany.  Early Americans basically copied the Farmhouse Style.

As we all know this style of home is extremely popular throughout New England and along with The Cape Cod Style might be considered the Quintessential Vermont home.

Big Day is coming

Tomorrow is Halloween, a silly day that many children look forward to because for them it is a festive day when they can dress up as any of their favorite characters and then go out Trick or Treating.  Who is your favorite character?  There was a day when Superman and Batman were the Top Dogs of Halloween but lately there are so many wonderful characters out there it is hard to pick one.

As your kids go out and about dressed up you a building a life time of memories that will eventually be passed along to the next generation.

Is it a good time?

It is almost November, temperatures are going down, winter isn’t too far off, and that leads us to a basic question.

  1. Should we cancel our building plans and wait for spring?
  2. Should we hire a good general contractor to Site-Build our home?
  3. Should we investigate Modular Homes?

Check out today’s photograph.  Doesn’t that look just wonderful!?  Well……….., maybe there are some aspects of that home’s construction that are scary at best.

How cold was it?

I can most assuredly tell you that the mountains of Washington County Vermont in February are crazy COLD.  The day we set this house it was minus 12 degrees when we started at 8:00 in the morning.  YUP, it really was bitter cold.  But, it wasn’t all that bad because the sun was shining brightly and there was absolutely no wind.