How about a BBQ ?

Recently we have tried to keep you up to speed with the most popular TRENDING design inclinations in today’s contemporary homes. 

As you might have noticed today, March 11, 2021 is a uniquely beautiful day.  The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze, and the thermometer is upwards of 60 degrees.  So, does all this make you think about Out-Door Living?

What is your favorite color?

The more we explore the world of color is quickly becomes apparent that darker shades and tones are rapidly becoming more popular.

Several designers are referring to The Home as our ultimate retreat, that place where we can treat our home as a hideaway from the crazy world we live in.  The people that study color and its impact on individuals agree that earth tones lend themselves to the sanctuary that we all crave.  Today's photograph is called Bold Color.

Should I turn the lights off?

As part of our Trending Concepts in residential housing we thought we’d share with thoughts about LED lighting.

Remember back when bulbs were rated in Watts.  There were 100 watt and 60 watt and so on sizes of bulbs.  We all knew how much light would come from a 100 w. bulb.  Today light is measured in Lumens and for all our avid football fans we are not talking about Lumen Field, home of The Seattle Seahawks.

How about Mold

Last week we started a series of Blog Posts that deal with Trending Concepts in residential design.  Continuing today with a new emphasis that is being placed on keeping a home Healthy.  Do ya think that COVID and The Pandemic might have had an impact on this Trending idea?

How about new Theories in design !

Today let’s look at a Trending Concept that is quite new.  For the past fifteen to twenty years the over-riding concept that is very popular is the Open Concept layout in a new home.  This is where the view from the kitchen is unobstructed on into the dining room and living room.  The idea is that it creates a feel where the family is all together.

Thinking of a new business?

Another rapidly becoming a very popular type of Residential Construction is the “Build to Rent” concept. 

This is where a builder or developer or any private individual will build a multi-family home with the idea of only renting it out.  The owner really never has the intent of living in that building.

Currently we have in production a Duplex that fits this plan.

The house set continues

And now back to our blog posts, please accept our apology for the hiatus from daily writing.

We were talking about the delivery and set of this handsome Ranch House in Addison County Vermont.

Today’s photograph shows you the crane hoisting some of the parts for assembly.  That triangular piece the crane is lifting will become part of the Gable End. Tomorrow you will be able to see the house even more complete.

How about a tour for you

Currently we have a duplex in the midst of production at the plant.  So the other day yours truly met the homeowners at the plant and we went for a tour and inspected the progress.  I thought you might like to come along.

In today’s photograph you see Jason on the right explaining to the homeowners on the left what they are looking at.  The owner of the duplex brought along his future tenants so they could see as well.