Look what’s trending at Vermont Modular

Every once in a while, we have an individual style home that is enormously popular.  Just this week we’ve had numerous inquiries about The Banff style Vacation Home.  The Banff is named after a world class resort in Alberta Canada, that’s out in the Canadian Rockies on the shores of Lake Louise.  I’ve never been but the photographs are spectacular.

And, so is this vacation home!  The Banff from Vermont Modular Homes has beautiful lines that harken back to a modified Cape Cod with that contemporary flare. 

What powers your home?

Weather your home’s electricity is generated in a fossil burning power plant, renewable hydro power, solar energy, or Hamsters running around turning a generator it will eventually enter your home via the Power Panel.

Take a look at today’s photograph of a 200 amp. power panel it shows many wires coming out of the panel that then go on up into the house.  So, what are we looking at:

April Showers bring May flowers! Right?

Is it correct that April Showers do bring May flowers?  I am not really sure so I walked out the office and took a look outside, egad!  It is one of those April rainy chilly miserable days.

I wonder how many residential construction projects are working smoothly today?  Let’s pretend your new home is being site built; are you pleased with the progress today?  How about the building materials, are they being properly cared for? 

Energy Efficiency, making electricity

For all of our regular blog followers you well know that we talk a lot about Energy Efficiency and specifically how to conserve energy, burn less fossil fuels, cut back on Heat Loss, and all those things that contribute to Global Warming and the detriment of our environment.  We happen to think that here in Vermont the environment is taken very seriously. 

It is delivery time.

Today is Monday, April 1, April Fools Day, a day set aside for pranks, jokes, and making fun of things.  But, rather than hit you with a clever prank I thought we’d talk about it being time to think about your new home being delivered.

Just today we had several inquiries about folks that want to have their families moved in quicker and sooner rather than slower and later. 

Everyone loves the kitchen

Numerous times we have written about the kitchen and have had tons of responses all indicating that The Kitchen usually is one of The Most Important rooms in the house.  Your kitchen is many times where the family congregates either as the immediate family each night for dinner or in the mornings for breakfast before everyone bolts out the door for their day.  I would venture to say that the kitchen is where the entire family spends more time together than any other room.

Isn't it beautiful out there today!

The weather report for today is somewhere between beautiful and spectacular, especially if you want to build a site-built home.  The sun is shining, it is not cold, but it is also not hot like in the summer, this is perfect construction weather.  The crew can work without getting cold or sweating.  Today is perfect.

So, given that perfect weather report I thought it would be a good time to show you why it is still better to build inside in a controlled environment.

Let's think insulation

For those of you that follow our blog you know that one of our favorite topics is Energy Efficiency.  For a myriad of reasons, we emphasize conserving Energy, it is the responsible thing to do in light of Global Warming and financially it just makes simple sense to not waste hard earned money by wasting energy.  It sounds like a no-brainer to me!

When Vermont Modular orders a brand-new home we consistently delete the insulation up in the attic.  We have several reasons for what might seem odd:

Yes, it is officially spring but,

Yesterday was the first day of spring for 2019 and many of us are anxiously awaiting the arrival of flowers, birds, and warm sunshine. 

But, have you heard the weather report for tomorrow?  According to the National Weather Service here in Burlington, Vermont there’s a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for tomorrow on into Saturday.

Spring, Day one !

As you all know by now today is the First Day of Spring 2019.  I am fairly confidant that all of us look forward to spring as that time of year when hope springs eternal.  This time of year is a very beautiful time, the trees will shortly start to show faint colors and it seems as though everything comes alive.  It really won’t be long until out in the garden somewhere the Daffodils will peak through as the precursor of spring.  In my yard the Forsythia is starting to awake and soon the yellow flowers of spring will appear.  It is a great time of year and things manage to always look better