Delivering a home in the winter is very possible!

Vermont Modular Homes delivers homes throughout Vermont and The North Country of New York State and we have been doing this every month of the year, even when the ground of frozen and covered with snow.

Take a look at today’s photograph, it shows a Vermont Modular home being delivered in the dead of winter on top of a mountain in Washington County south of Montpelier, our state’s capital.

What's going on outside?

The other day the news told of a huge winter storm throughout the mid-west causing all kinds of headaches and hick-ups for millions of people.  Well, that lovely storm is now meandering through New England and at our office here in Shelburne the snow flakes are especially large.  And, just like today’s photograph much of the snow is sticking to the branches and limbs.  Ok, so it is beautiful to look at the today’s photograph shows a “Site-Built” home during construction.

In the photograph you are looking at:

Oh my! Winter really is on the way.

Regardless of what the calendar says I have always thought that today and tomorrow are the unofficial days that start winter.  My reasoning is quite simple:

  1. Today is Day Light Savings time
  2. Tomorrow is Standard time.

Tonight, we all gain an hour of extra sleep because at some awful time in the wee hours of the night the time changes back one hour. 

And………, tomorrow several things will happen:

Another source of heat.

For a couple days now we will be taking a look at various sources of Heat.  A couple days ago we looked at a Forced Hot Air Furnace and it is so important to change the Air Filters.  By the way, have you done that yet?  That comment and reminder is of course only for those of you with a Furnace.

Today’s photograph shows a brand-new installation of a highly efficient Condensing Boiler.  The huge difference between a Boiler and a Furnace is very simple. 

How about a big fall project?

Did you know that here at Vermont Modular our busiest time of the year is from September on into the end of November with a considerable amount of activity in December?  Yes, building a home in the fall is not only easy it is actually very easy. 

Building a Modular Home in the fall makes the entire process all that much easier!  Here is a brief overview of what makes building in the fall such a great idea:

And the fourth and final part of design ideas

As far as interior design is concerned there are three huge things to consider:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Floor coverings

In addition, the fourth is Lighting.  In every home the amount of light whether it is natural light that comes in through windows or artificial that comes from a light bulb is critical to creating the ambiance of all interior spaces. 

Speaking of Tradesmen

For a couple days now, we have been talking about the various tradesmen that will be working to complete your new Modular Home.  So far, we have mentioned carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.  These various trades will all be working at your new home to do the finish work that typically takes a couple weeks and up to a month depending on the size and complexity of your home.

In addition to the Carpenter

Once your new modular home is gently placed on its permanent foundation by the set crew with the help of a heavy hydraulic crane; then the on-site work begins.  We have already talked about what the carpenter does so today let’s look and see what the Plumber will be doing; typically, your plumber will have three major tasks: