So? What is available?

As winter descends upon us we thought it might be a nice idea to fill you in on what types of things are available as options within your new home.  Let’s face it many of the Vermont Modular Homes online friends will actively spend the next couple months creating and planning the various details of the new home.  So, while you plan here are some of what is available to you:

Do you like porches?

Take a look at today’s photograph of a front porch roof on a brand new modular home up in Lamoille County Vermont.

What you are looking at is a panelized porch roof that has a panelized Reverse Gable dormer above.

Powerful equipment

During the early phases of site work the excavator plays the biggest part of the job.  This machine has enormous power and is capable of shaping the land at the job site, building driveways, digging cellar holes, building septic systems, and a myriad of other equally important aspects on the property.

Typically, the “excavator” and the “concrete guy” work together very closely and are the first tradesmen on the job.

This is a BIG day in the project

For a couple days now we’ve shown you job sites where the foundation was about to be poured and over the weekend, we will update you with photographs of those properties.

In today’s photograph you are looking at the cement truck delivering concrete to be poured into the forms that hold the concrete while it partially cures enough that the forms can be removed allowing the “green” concrete to set up and cure.

Locating problem areas

As you seriously think about Energy Efficiency improvements for your home it is important to run a couple tests to find out what and where your home needs help.

If you see yourself taking pictures over this weekend may we suggest you consider a Thermal Imaging camera!

What types of things does a Thermal Imaging camera see?

Our pledge to you

Today begins our blogs in our “Winterizing Your Home series.”  Welcome!

We pledge to you that our blogs are not trying to sell you anything except information.  Vermont Modular does not have a store that sells items you might use to winterize your home so, we have no vested interest in what you purchase except that we hope our combined efforts help you stay warm this winter and help you protect our environment.

Time to play in the dirt.

We have several Projects that are currently under way for deliveries all in 2020.  So for the next several months we will be following the progress on these jobs as dreams become reality.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see DAY ONE of a brand-new Cape Cod style home in Lamoille County right here in northern Vermont.  This excavator is removing numerous White Pines to create an open house site. 

How's your laptop

We would love to see you!  In the past month or so we have seen the number of inquiries skyrocket.  It seems as though everyone is realizing that summer is drawing to a close, school is about to start, and although the weather is beautiful I must admit that this morning for the first time in months I came to the office with a sweater.

We encourage you to call or contact us online to discuss your new home.  As we are sure you know we are a strict Social Distancing company and yes Masks are required here in our offices.

Is this exciting or what?

Yesterday we saw how the crane ready to hoist module number two up on the permanent foundation. 

Today’s photograph shows the crane working with the Set Crew to have the roof finished. 

All of the pictures from the delivery on the snow-covered roof to today’s picture cover a time span of about six hours total working time.  With a crew of 5 men the total house set took about eight hours work.