Have you heard about our FREE deal?

This is the second day that we have advertised our FREE APPLIANCE package. 

Yes, you read that correctly!  Vermont Modular Homes is offering a FREE APPLIANCE package with the purchase of every new home ordered on or before November 15, 2019.

We are going out of our way to make an Affordable Home available in 2019, so we will include:

Affordable and quality – that’s good!

The other day we talked about cheap money, or in better terms we talked about how bank interest rates are at record lows.  The cost of borrowing money, the interest you pay the bank is typically one of the largest expenses to owning your new home.  That expense is rapidly going down and that works to your advantage!

The second largest expense to building your new home are the actual modular units.  All of us here at Vermont Modular Homes are determined to put together opportunities to make your new home even more affordable!

What is our most affordable home?

Our phone rings all the time and more often than not the question goes this way, “…..we are on a budget and want to know what is your most affordable home?”

Actually, that isn’t hard to answer at all!  When looking at price there is one major rule that always applies.  “It is always less expensive to build up rather than build out !”

What does that mean”

It's been a busy week.

Earlier this week we were up north, actually about as far north as anyone can go without leaving Vermont and entering Quebec.  We delivered a really cute Ranch House for a young family and everyone couldn’t be more pleased!

For a lot of reasons this was a uniquely enjoyable job!  All the owners were especially happy and excited to see this project actually come to fruition.  It was exciting.

At one point in the day I heard the owner say, “…Wow!’

“So, Chris, what do you mean?”  I asked

Is it time to make the donuts?

Who remembers that phrase as part of an advertising thing?  It may not be the right time for donut making but is the right time to deliver our next home from Vermont Modular Homes.

For the next couple days we will be following the progress of delivering and setting a Modular Home.  Today, August 2 the factory is doing its final preparation for shipment on this coming Monday. 

Today are the final inspections where the Quality Inspectors do one more look to make sure everything is just right. 

And the foundation continues.

Every home absolutely must have a foundation.  We are frequently asked, “….can I build my home on a slab?”  The short answer to that question is NO.  No, you cannot build a residential house on a slab!  The severe cold in winter along with the frost penetrating the ground; a system of footings that are below the frost line is without question necessary.  Yesterday’s picture showed footings for our newest home; they had just been built.

Does a Heat Pump Make Heat?

We very recently had a huge heat wave with temperatures in the high 90’s of degrees and equally high humidity.  If you are unhappy it is only a short four or so months and we will be in winter with the snow.  Oh joy!

Yesterday we talked about Air Conditioning and how there are several major types of AC.  Today let’s look again at a Heat Pump because our heat pump was providing Air Conditioning just a couple days ago and in a few short months the very same unit will be heating out homes.

There are so many advantages to a Heat Pump:

Egad it is hot

As I am sure everyone knows that the weather report for the upcoming weekend is for extreme heat.  The actual temperatures being predicted for this weekend here in northern Vermont are in the mid 90’s with “Heat Index Values” of 101 degrees.  The National Weather Service says those extremes will be the worst Friday and Saturday afternoon.

We would like to comment on two things: