Framing your new home, it’s where it all starts.

Yesterday we showed you a picture of an upscale home that has 18’ ceilings.  Typically every home has ceilings that are 8’ tall.  Yes we are capable of building whatever you want.

But, today let’s get back to the fundamental aspects of building our home.  In today’s photograph you can clearly see the framing lumber.  The “Dimensional Lumber” that is being used makes up the plates and studs for our walls.  Obviously you recall the terminology for construction.

Product Guide

Today’s blog is a tad different than the others. We just received our brand new 2016 Product Guide that shows all of the various features and upgrades that are available.

Lately we’ve been talking about upscale items for the kitchen and bathroom.  The vast majority of these items are all available and shown in the product guide.  There are pictures, specifications, colors, features, and all sorts of very cool information.