<p>Dave is the founding partner and Director of Operations.</p>...

Dave Curtis


Dave is the founding partner and Director of Operations.

During the early years Vermont Modular was a General Contractor that specialized in the entire project associated with a modular home. Currently our business model allows individual homeowners to act as their own general contractor while still receiving assistance from us. Typically Dave is involved with the initial conference that moves along to preliminary drawings of floor plans. Although we are not architects we can do offer twenty three years of design experience and are glad to assist when and where needed.

As the project is taking shape help is offered in the construction planning, ordering of specific amenities in the home, and final completion of blueprint drawings. The actual construction of the home, its delivery to the homeowners’ property, the setting of the home on the foundation, and coordinating of the delivery, set crew, and crane are all taken care of. Staff from Vermont Modular is always on-site during the delivery and setting of the home.

When you call the office Dave will gladly talk with you and answer questions. Every aspect of your new home will be handled by the same team giving you individualized service as you Build Your Vermont Dream.