The Current Timeline from Vermont Modular Homes, including how long until you can be in your New Home.

As you begin the process of building your Vermont Dream we would like to share with you our thoughts about that process and how it works.

The following article is divided into four parts (You Dream, We Build, We Deliver, Your New Home).  Each of these parts describe what happens as part of the process.  And, Vermont Modular Homes wants you to know that throughout your building process we are here to help you to the best of our abilities. 

As you continue your search for a builder all of us at Vermont Modular eagerly await the opportunity to earn your trust.  Over the past twenty-eight years we have built/delivered many homes all across Vermont and The North Country of New York, we would love to build your new home.

You Dream:

Every project starts with your dreams. What do you and your family want in your new home? Many times the dreaming portion can last for years and builds on past experiences, current pictures, others’ homes, things you have seen, and so on. Read more

We Build:

After the initial CAD is completed and you have your first price sheet it is decision time for you. At this point you are hopefully familiar with what we can do for you. Based on the quality, degree of service, and price you choose to move forward with Vermont Modular. Read more

We Deliver:

Several weeks before the actual delivery everyone will have the exact date of the delivery and the subsequent setting of the house on its foundation; Vermont Modular Homes will coordinate the delivery, the Set Crew, and the Crane. Read more

Your New Home:

After the modules have been set on the foundation it is now time to start the finish work. You will need the services of... Read more