After the initial CAD is completed and you have your first price sheet it is decision time for you.  At this point you are hopefully familiar with what we can do for you.  Based on the quality, degree of service, and price you choose to move forward with Vermont Modular.  If you choose to select another builder then we will warmly wish you the very best.  If you choose to select Vermont Modular Homes then it is an appropriate time for you to order a set of “Blue Prints” from our engineering department at the plant.  The Blueprints are engineered and bring with them a $750 charge.  The charge for Blueprints is included within the overall cost of your new home; it is not an additional charge. 

Hopefully by the time we get to this point all of us will have met and begun to build our business relationship that creates your new home.  If you are at one of the far corners of our country then both of us will come to see you.  We have decided it is imperative that all of us get to know each other prior to entering into the formal contract part of the project.  We eagerly look forward to meeting you and building a good level of trust.

As the build process moves along it is necessary for you to select all of the various options in your new home; things like kitchen cabinetry, siding, roof, and a myriad of other options / colors / choices. 

Your Blueprints are never final until you say they are final.  Yes, you may revise and change the drawings.  Yes, you may revise and change the layout.  Yes, we want your new home to be exactly the way you want.  Please remember that every time you add something the price will go up and every time you omit something the price will come down.

Your financial institution will need copies of the Blueprints and specification sheets as a part of your loan process.  Vermont Modular will provide what is necessary.

Once you have finalized all of the drawings and all of the various options it is again up to you what happens next.  Hopefully at this point you will continue with Vermont Modular and enter into contracts to build your new home.  If you do sign contracts and place your Ten Per-Cent ( 10% ) deposit then your home will be put into production and assigned a delivery date.  Once this formal point has been reached it is still possible to make last minute changes but there will be a Change-Order-Fee.  We recommend you not order the house until all of your changes, selections, and revisions are complete.

When you have ordered your new home we will provide you with the final Blueprint Drawing for the foundation.  Your concrete contractor will need this to accurately build the foundation. 

For the moment, you will be busy doing the site work, building a foundation and waiting for your new home to be delivered.  Typically it will take roughly six weeks from the time the completed final order is placed until the day your house arrives.  The delivery is next.