Typically when you order your new home it will arrive within six to eight weeks.  One of the beautiful things about building a modular home is that you will know an exact delivery date so it is a lot easier to plan and organize thoughts and actions.

During the waiting period you will be busy at your property as there is a lot to do.  Here is a brief list and description of what you might encounter:

  1. Overall preparation of the site for a new home.  This can include a lot or a very little depending on your property.  We have delivered homes that are in the middle of a flat field where the site preparation is minimal.  Other homes are placed in the middle of the woods and some even require dynamite.  Obviously, it is difficult to accurately describe exactly what needs to be done as each piece of property is unique however, we will gladly offer advice.
  2. After the site has been basically prepared the next is to build a driveway so that vehicles can enter and leave the building site.
  3. Each family then will need to locate or site the exact spot on the property where the house is going to be located.  Should you face south, west, east, or north?  All that depends on your property, surrounding landscape, views, sun, and so on.  Once you have decided on where, then your excavator can dig the cellar hole for the foundation.
  4. Next comes the building of the foundation.  Are you going to have a poured concrete foundation, an ICF Insulated concrete forms, a “walk-out” basement?  There is a lot to consider.
  5. Once the foundation has been built and a proper driveway is available you just might be ready for your delivery.

See what we mean when we say you will be busy during the six to eight week period while your house is going into production at the plant!  This is typically a very exciting time as your dreams begin to take shape.

Finally, your big day is here and you look down the road – there comes your new home built exactly the way you want; each piece of your dream is inside and it really is very exciting.

Most times homes in Vermont are delivered late in the afternoon as they have been traveling from the plant all day.  Our drivers will carefully place the trucks very close to the foundation in preparation for the crane setting them gently on the foundation.  Again, each home is different and we will have helped with suggestions concerning the site preparation for a smooth delivery.  Staff from Vermont Modular will be onsite during the actual delivery to supervise.

The following morning after the modules have been delivered the crane will arrive, early in the morning; this is going to be a long but very exciting day for everyone.   Depending on where you are located in Vermont we will use one of two or three crane companies that are thoroughly experienced in setting homes.

Vermont Modular will hire a fully insured Set Crew to gently place your home on its permanent foundation.  The set crew will arrive very early in the morning and assemble your new home.  Included within your contract documents there is a fairly lengthy description of the Set Crew’s responsibilities. Normally the set crew will finish all their work in one or two days.

We heartily encourage you come and watch the setting of your new home; it can be exciting.  Honestly though, several of our homeowners choose not to be around.  Either way is just fine and up to you.

At the end of the set we will walk through the home with you and inspect everything.  It is fairly common for us to uncover minor things that need to be fixed; for example occasionally a window will break and these types of problems are quickly turned into service claims that are covered within your warranty.

Your signed contract documents say that the balance of funds owed are due to be paid within two business days after the house set has been completed.