Every project starts with your dreams.  What do you and your family want in your new home?  Many times the dreaming portion can last for years and builds on past experiences, current pictures, others’ homes, things you have seen, and so on.

Several years ago we had a couple come in with a sketch on a tiny “Cocktail Napkin;” their question was simple and direct.  “….can you build this for us?”  Since every home is 100% Custom built the answer is easy, “….of course we can!”

Soon the dreams will take shape and turn themselves into a computer added drawing or CAD, that drawing is the first part of actually turning the dreams into reality.  Vermont Modular will work with you on your CAD until it is exactly the way you want.  Within this drawing are all of the fixtures, cabinetry, and all the other details. 

Typically the drawing process starts with a face-to-face meeting in our Shelburne office.    After the initial meeting/conference everything is smoothly done using email that relies on your input; remember this is your new home we are creating out of your dream.  For those of you that live far away we can easily accomplish all of this using the phone and email.  Lately we have been working with families from all over the country that want to build their new home in Vermont.

Once your dreams are crystalized into a CAD we will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown so that you now know exactly what your new home will cost.  The price quote carefully describes exactly what will be included in your new home.

Now that you have a drawing of your new home and a detailed price sheet the dreaming portion of the process is almost complete.  Of course we understand you will continue to dream and visualize your new home; that continues right up to the day you actually move in.

Every service provided by Vermont Modular up to this point is done free of charge.  We are glad to help you transform your dream into a drawing and price sheet.  Once you have this information it is all up to you.  Should we continue or is this the end of the process?  That question can only be answered by you.

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