After the modules have been set on the foundation it is now time to start the finish work.  You will need the services of:

A Carpenter – The carpenter will:

  1. Install the Vinyl siding, both gable ends, material is provided
  2. Install “belly band” around the perimeter of the house, this is a 10”± piece of sheathing at the bottom of the exterior wall, the material is provided and already cut to size
  3. Install soffit and fascia, all, material is provided
  4. Build exterior deck(s) according to your dimensions.  We can have the PT ledger board attached if you want
  5. Build and install necessary exterior entry/exit steps, material is not provided
  6. Install insulation in the attic, none is installed at the plant leaving the plumber’s pipes exposed for him to work.
  7. Finish doorways with casing and trim, material is provided to match the remainder of the house, the remainder of the interior doors are fully installed
  8. Install floor coverings, all of which are your choice
  9. Build and install basement stairs, material is not provided
  10. Garage, we don’t know what your plans are but most often will suggest you build your garage onsite.  If you do build your garage locally we suggest you purchase the soffit, fascia, and shingles from Vermont Modular so the colors match exactly.
  11. All exterior doors, windows, and trim are installed at the plant

 A Plumber – The Plumber will:

  1. The vast majority of the plumber’s work is in the basement, this house is 100% PEX and/or PVC, virtually no copper 
  2. Connect all hot and cold water pipes into an organized system, the PEX pipe needed to complete the basement work is not provided 
  3. Connect all PVC sewer lines to the septic, PVC lines needed are not included
  4. Finish the vents up in the attic, holes will be cut through the roof for vents but neither the boots or the pipes are installed but the material is provided.
  5. Install all outside spigots as desired, material is not provided 
  6. Consider having the plumber install the water well pump and necessary tank(s) 
  7. Install the Heat Recovery Ventilation unit, the material is not provided.

An Electrician – The Electrician will:

  1. Install the Entry service from the pole to the house, material is not provided
  2. Mount the service panel in the basement, service panel is provided
  3. Finish installing circuits from rear box in the panel, material is provided
  4. Install basement lighting/outlets as needed, material is not provided
  5. Install garage lights and/or outlets as required, material is not provided
  6. Hang exterior light fixtures, some/most material is provided; it depends on what you elect
  7. Each exterior door will have a weather proof GFI outlet
  8. Provide for water well power, material is not provided

Typically the finish work in your new home will take as long or as short a time as the amount of energy and man-hours that are devoted to the project.